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You can request an online price estimate, which is great for budgeting.

Alternatively you can organise an onsite assessment. An onsite assessment will allow us to take into account the majority of variables that will affect the price.

Online Price Estimate instructions:

Beside each type of opening (window/sliding door) enter the quantity you have in your house.

Then enter your contact details and submit. We will get back to you with a price estimate within 24hrs.

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Small Window
Description : Laundry / Toilet / Garage

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Small-Medium Window
Description : Kitchen / Bathroom

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Medium Window
Description : Bedroom / Dining Room

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Large Window
Description : Lounge/ Dining

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Sliding Door
Description :Single slider and fixed panel

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Large Sliding Door
Description : Single Slider and 2 fixed panels

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Extra Large Sliding Door
Description : Double sliding Door

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