DIY Aluminium Window Painting

Are you looking to paint your aluminium window frames?

Aluminium Window Painting Demonstration

If your fairly handy and you’d like to save big dollars off the cost of having your aluminium windows painted then doing the job yourself can be very rewarding.

Painting aluminium window frames is a major renovation project. Do a bad job and your windows will look aweful beside the rest of the house. To do a first rate job all most people need is a guiding hand, a quality reference to follow. The whole process can be very rewarding financially if you have the time.

The DIY aluminium window painting kit is designed to give you a guiding hand – show you how the professionals would tackle the job.

Changing the colour of your old ugly aluminium window frames so that they look like new in a colour of your choice will improve the look and feel of your home as well as add incredible value.

The DIY aluminium window painting kit contains a video and manual that shows you step by step the setup, the preparation and the painting process for restoring your old aluminium windows. Guaranteed to give you the confidence you need to tackle the job yourself.

We need your help because we are just finishing off our DIY aluminium window painting kit and need your feedback. You see we think we have put together a great handy man product but we just want to make sure. If you can answer our survey questions then when the kit is released you’ll receive a 50% discount off the retail price if you purchase the kit.

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How many openings need painting
How valuable would it be to have access to technical assistance over the telephone?
1 is not valuable, 5 is some what valuable and and 10 extremely valuable
At what price point would too much be to charge for the DIY aluminium window painting kit which contains a video and manual:
$69, $97, $147, $197, $397,