Business Opportunity

My trades earn $93,700 A year working 4 days per week taking 6 weeks annual leave! Would you like to do this and More!

I have the Opportunity of a Life time for ONE Tradeperson

Hi my name is Chris Vernon

I’m the business owner and the one you’ll be talking to if you decide to find out more about the Window Revival business opportunity.

Currently does your hard work get recognized?
Can you take holidays when you want?
Are you paid what your worth?
Are you Trustworthy and Predictable?
Do you take pride and responsibility in your work?

If you are looking for a business that provides the security of earning a great income and has the training systems in place that will provide you with the confidence to shine then you have come to the right place. You’ll receive on the job training that will allow you to earn an enviable income and help clients save up to 65% off the replacement cost of windows.

Fitness and people skills are also important and will need to like working with your hands and tools.

Window Revival provides the training, know-how and system for attracting qualified sales leads.

The reason why we are advertising this position is because we receive daily far more enquiries from areas we can’t service and have to tell people “I’m sorry we can’t help you at this point.

The business is organised into geographic territories based on population density, large enough to support a profitable and secure business. We are looking for suitable candidates to star in any of the following markets these include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane (part), Gold Coast, Canberra, Melbourne, Western Australia

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Recession Proof
During recessionary periods renovations tend to increase because home owners stay put rather that upgrade. Our services appeals to the residential home owner looking to renovate as well as builders carrying out renovtions where the window frames are old but in reasonable condition and are in outdated colour.

Why Window Revival?
Window Revival is the most awarded protective coating business in Australia with over 9 industry body awards from the Master Bulders Association (MBA) to the Housing Industry Association (HIA) so you will share in that enviable reputation and accumulated knowledge. Plus you will get to share in the stream of enquiries from our Sales Promotion Program.

FREE Information Pack
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Are You Suited to the Aluminim Window Restoration Business?
This is not for everyone. If you are good with your hands and can use tools then you probably have the potential to succeed in the window restoration business. If you do your own renovations, that might also indicate that you would enjoy running your own mobile resurfacing business. Other personal criteria include good health, conversational
skills, energy and sufficient funds to meet the start-up costs and operating expenses in the first year. If you can tick most of these, then this business opportunity
could be for you.

Available Markets
There are a number of current opportunities in city and regional areas for suitable applicants. To find out more about the Window Revival business opportunity phone 1300 482 882
or Click Here for your free information pack.

How to Become a Aluminium Window Restoration Specialist

1. Request Your Free Information Pack
Complete the form (on the right) and receive your free information pack.

2. Complete the Profiling Tests
The next step is Profiling where we find out about your background, experience, and suitablity to the role of Aluminium Window Restoration Specialist. When you request the Free Information Pack you will be directed to the Profiling Tests.

3. Commence Due Diligence
If you are qualify, you’ll be invited to commence the Due Diligence Process. First you sign a Confidentiality Agreement. You will be given access to all our our documents, agreements, financial records and information about the business opportunity.

4. Due Diligence Process
During Due Diligence you’ll get all of your questions answered while also getting independent legal advice about our license agreement and disclosure documents. This stage takes about 1 to 2
weeks to complete.

5. Final Interview
If you wish to proceed, we conduct a final interview to ensure all aspects of the business are fully understood and any final questions you may have.

6. Intent to Proceed
With all parties in agreement, next step is to sign an Intent to Proceed form and pay for your training or licensee fee, this is where the journey to your new lifestyle business begins!